Welcome to the International IslamicTunes Festival 2019 or iITF2019. The first ever event of this kind of categories to upscale not only the entertainment sector but also in development of entrepreneurship and creative talents.

The absence of clear guidelines of Islamic entertainment content business, lack of commercial platform locally and globally and the absence of structures and infrastructures, both for control and monitoring business development itself, is feared could lead Muslims to grow in a confused cultural civilization that can cause the further away of the values of Islam.

Explosion of satellite and digital technology including the new media boost by the non-Islamic art and culture in all angles is causing easier break through in the ambiguous space of the entertainment industry through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, gadget and smartphone. It is seen to be threatening the thinking and ideology of Muslims, especially in the next generation or so called “Global Urban Muslim community”.

Hopefully with the implementation of this event, it is possible to give a new shift in making music, video, film and entertainment arts or educational as an essential tool for propagation constantly and can compete in the flow of new media technology as well as popular platforms today.

Well, book your ticket now and pack your bags! Join us in Malaysia Tourism Information Centre in 109 Ampang Road, Kuala Lumpur on 2 -3rd February 2019. Meet us insyaaAllah!