Welcome to the first Ever Muslim’s Entertainment Business Event on the Globe…

International IslamicTunes Festival or iITF is a premier event for Muslim’s Music, Audio and Video Creators, Producers, Performers, Entertainers, Artists, Munsyid, Speakers, Reciters and all related content creative developers, multimedia producers, technopreneurs and support industry chains such as event organisers, promoters, digital aggregators, halal producers, brands, regulators, etc. All non-Muslim who catered an etiquette, inspiring, motivational content and entrepreneurs from across the global are welcome to join this event to complete the Muslims Entertainment and Edutainment business network ecosystem.

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2 -3 Feb. 2019

Kuala Lumpur

The 2 days of Event’s Content

Conferences, Workshop & Talks

For the first time we can sit together and setup directions with ulama, regulators and trendsetters to uphold Islamic entertainment as propagations or dakwah and business perspective. Entertainment in Islam is all about educations and motivations towards positive and inspiring impact for ummah.

Expo, Exhibition & B2B Meetups

Be focus to accelerates entrepreneurial development of creative content and performing arts of Islam towards ensuring that every inspiration, thought and civilization become a catalyst for spreading the Islamic brotherhood in line with ICT developments and new media growth.

Entertainment Showcase & Celebrities inPerson

Launch your content or services and showcase you in iITF to get more awareness and build strong appearance in the Islamic entertainment communities. Lets been heard, be seen and get noticed. Islamic market is huge niche global market and you can kickstart your project in iITF.

International IslamicTunes Award

Good ideas and quality product should be awarded to motivate Muslim’s creative talent to go further in their career. Although many of them understood that all their works is hoping Allah to granted them the rewards, as a mankind nature, we including fans and users of all their created contents can give rewards for what achievement they did in the creative content industries for better ummah.

Our Mission

And let it be your mission also!

iITF is the place where Muslim’s content business happens; talent shines; ideas grow; networking enhances; strengthen the unity between the industry players for better world of Global Urban Muslim Communities

From music and content creators, business, tech pros and brands to Indie/Major Labels, Artists, Talents and Performers, iITF is the premier event for all players from across the international Islamic Entertainment and Education business network ecosystem.

Who Should Join?


Record Labels, Indie Producers,Distributors, Digital Aggregreators, Publishers, Streaming Providers, Studio Owners, etc.


Offline and online Tv/Radio Stations, Press and entertainment magazines, Bloggers, Vloggers, Social Influencers, Public Relations, Promoters, etc.


Inventors, Innovators, Application and Software Developers, Web Designers, Coders, Platform Builders, Blockchainers, etc.

Islamic MarketPreneurs

Halal brand owners, Muslimpreneurs, Muslim Creative and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, Muslim Fashion, Tourism,  All About Halalpreneurs

Fintech: FundPreneurs

Dreams need money and knowledge to deploy the ideas from startup to reality Investors, fundraiser, crowdfunding players, awqaf organizations and Baitulmal fund managers or any type of funders are welcome to make the talent created the good and qualtiy contents for ummah. Tunes your funding portfolio now and tap the new untouch market – Islamic Market!


Artists, Vocalist, Munsyid, Speakers, Reciters, Motivators, Talents, Performers, Emcee, Djs, Actors, Comedians, Actors, Celebrities, Entertainers, etc.


The creators of music, audio, video, multimedia producers, composers, writers, designers, painters, visualizers, animators, calligraphers, sculptures and people with ideas and vision who tranform the concept to reality


Event Management Companies, Promoters, Talent Agencies, Artist Managers, Event Planners, Sound Systems and stage equipment, etc.


Music, video and audio are very connected with this billions dollars of market size. iITF2019 will created this platform to all of content players to be connected.

Fans, Followers & Social Influencers

The end users of the content products, that likes and enthusiastic about entertainment and hopes that that still can be entertained within the syaria guidance. Meet and collaborates with the Muslims content business players that making this to empower the Muslim dignity!

Calling for Speakers

We will host speakers in conferences, talks, panels and workshops. Speakers can be industry leaders, ulama, religious authority, munsyid, celebrities, artists, founders, investors, funders, tech pioneers, digital influencers or journalists… as long as you have a great story you would like to share with the music industry! Feel like sharing your knowledge? Your vision ? Fill in the form with your details, and our teams will review your submission and get back to you!

Conference's Highlight


Currently there’s no one body to look after this matter, although it’s a very basic to move on. Now it depends on how individually wanted to label it, and there was many cases that an event with using a tag of Islamic or Muslim but obviously its not.  Thus we believe that to give a standard definition or category or genre of what is called “Islamic content” is very urgently to be created, but who can acting to do doing this? who can justify or verify? It’s shame on all of us that we said we’re Muslim but nothing we did to do something about it. There’s hundred millions of content in Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and other digital stores and streaming service but sadly there are still non specific category to ease the organic search on Internet, online appearance and digital presence.  Category or genres of contents, consisting of any concept Islamic songs audio and video, in the form of Nasyid, qasidah, zikr, sholawat/maulid, dua munajjat or religi in all dialects and languages from all around the world, ethnics and countries will directly affecting algorithm, keyword, metatag, hashtag, metadata, etc. If you interested to participate in this topic, and wanted to be part of the game changer against the odd, do contact us for discussion of what contribution that you can  deliver for ummah.

Hot Topic!

Muslimah in Entertainment

“Young people are also in need of Muslim role models and creative alternatives to mainstream entertainment…” – by Shazia Ahmad, published in Al-Madina Institute website. But seems Muslim women still been sceptical when it comes from entertainment scene. If you agree that Muslimah in entertainment can gain more economic participation that lifts people out of poverty, can bring confidence, independence, social interaction and improved quality of life, than you should join this Talks.

Pocket Talks

Digitalize and Monetize Your Content

The development in disruptive technology has changed the music, audio and video industry about 360 degrees. You should be ready to joinforce this method to stay in the business or otherwise you can lost in the digital space. Learn from the expert about how to digitalise and monetize your content. It’s not about how much you know the tech, but also how you can utilise it to promote, get more awareness and to be heard, be seen and get notices! Get the first hand method and experiences from the guys that already been gone through the process, from Youtube, Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, digital aggregators, Google etc. This may be incurred some additional cost to join this talks but we promise to get it as low as we can afford!

Empowering Islamic Creative Business

The absence of clear guidelines of Islamic content business, lack of commercial platform locally and globally and the absence of structures and infrastructures, both for control, monitoring and business development itself, it is feared could lead Muslims to grow in a confused cultural civilization that can cause us further away of the values of Islam. Explosion of satellite and digital technology and new media platforms cause non-Islamic art and culture too easier to break through this ambiguous space in the entertainment industry through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone which is seen to threaten the thinking and ideology of Muslims, especially in the next generation or so called “Global Urban Muslim community”. Do you have any ideas and want to be one of the panelist for this subject? Submit your papers to us now!

Learn More

CreativeLab Bootcamp

Improve your scale and sharpern your talent, guided by inPerson’s celebrities who already success in their career. Be in music or nasheed productions, video clip, audio podcast, etc. Limited seats available, so please register early or you’ll miss the flight!

What Could Blockchain Do for Music? and Content Distributions? Online Monetizing?

Unveil the latest steps which aims to use blockchain technology to solve some long-standing music industry problems.

How can we adapt this next future technologies? Join iITF2019 now!

The Speakers

(Not confirm yet)

AA GYM / KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar

AA GYM / KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar

Founder of Yayasan Daarut Tauhid, Indonesia

Datuk Ustaz Kazim Elias

Datuk Ustaz Kazim Elias

Founder of Pusat Pendidikan Al-Barakah/Pendakwah

Farihin Abd Fatah

Farihin Abd Fatah

Musicians, Daie, Producers

Muhamad Razin Mestica

Muhamad Razin Mestica

Chairman of Munsyid Malaysia, Artist, Composer

Deni Aden Nasheed Hongkong

Deni Aden Nasheed Hongkong

Founder of Yayasan Daarut Tauhid, Indonesia

Aci Cahaya

Aci Cahaya

Founder of Pusat Pendidikan Al-Barakah/Pendakwah

Ustaz Munif Hijjaz

Ustaz Munif Hijjaz

CEO Munif Hijjaz Production, Munsyid

Hazamin Inteam Nasyid

Hazamin Inteam Nasyid

CEO Inteam, Munysid